The importance of getting bored in a digital age…

We are moving into a digital age, and we know it. People asked for a technological revolution, and they got it. New phones, iPads, Gaming Centres and what-nots. Now every time a person doesn’t have something to do they whip out their phone or tablet and start “passing time”. But it’s not necessary to always “pass time”. Why not someday we slow down, instead of taking out our devices the moment we get “bored”, let us just try to ‘be’. Just live in the moment and soak in everything around you.
Research shows that getting “bored” helps you think different and enhances your creativity. It gives birth to new and different ideas. Research also shows that humans are being too dependent on their devices to pass their time. They think it is “uncool” to get bored. A few researches show that a new type of fear “thaasophopia” is coming up in force. Thaasophobia is the fear of getting bored.

So next times we are getting bored, let us remain bored.



4 thoughts on “The importance of getting bored in a digital age…

  1. People have always experienced these moments of indirection.
    In the past, it led to a hundred activities or interests. For some, perhaps it still does.
    Back in the when, if I found myself idle I might grab my gear and go up to the pond to fish for a while, maybe take a kid with me. Or perhaps I would get out my easel and paints and labor away at this hobby I am yet to master. Maybe I would go upstairs to my own personal Library, and browse the many shelves, hundreds of books. I may take one down and sit here by the window and leaf through it. I might come across a volume of “Lands and Peoples” and find myself pulled into the stories and illustrations of other cultures and countries. There is a possibility I would sit here and compose thoughts of my own, poetry or a journal entry.
    I took up fly tying. I built radio-controlled model airplanes. We played paintball out back in the woods. A long walk with a dog and a camera, one of my favorite pastimes.
    And when all that activity was done, or made impossible by weather or night or any number of things, there is sitting in the cabana (fair weather) or at the kitchen window (foul weather), watching birds, clouds, the world.
    The world that I am immersed in, not the world inside a 5 inch screen.

    Seek peace,


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    1. There are hundreds of people like you out there. Who aren’t immersed in this 5 – inch screen, but to challenge that 100 there are thousands of people who are immersed in their screen. I keep hoping that will change. Thanks for reading and posting your views.

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