That Man In The Rain

I saw a man in the rain,
he wore a coat of purple make.
His shoes were shaggy -
his hair unkempt.
But his eyes were bright
and his thoughts afar.
He looked at me with 
eccentric eyes,
land thus began.
He spoke of lands,
far and distant.
He told me of time,
and of realms afar.
He told me of travel
and of his lover’s hour.
I sat with him awhile
and then suddenly -
he grabbed my hand.
On his hand he wore
a bracelet.
And written on it were -
five words,
You are not that important.
And then I looked at him again,
that bedraggled man in the rain.
And smiled at him.
Here was another man
just like me.
Left alone to cope up.

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